Our highly skilled workforce contributes greatly to the success of a land. They come with profound experience and potential to analyze a piece of land. We apply our expertise, skills, and financial resources to build high-quality, cost-effective development plans that boost land market and give sites for long term real estate growth.


We are a market leader in the real estate business. We have designed the best sites from the ground up, bringing to life communities that are planned and built with the customer in mind. Taking a long-term view of Texas land values, we maintain the land so that it can reach its full potential.


We acknowledge and value the fact that our brand is built on dedication and a shared goal with our partners, which are the pillars that have gained us trust. Also, we carefully designed development guidelines to ensure that the built environment continues to provide high-quality surroundings for decades to come.

The Most Diversified Investment Platform

Modern investment management for Real Estate

    The most important phases in aligning our investment selections with our overall strategy and ROI targets is to evaluate a real-estate asset. When we conduct and evaluate basic surveys such as location, soil quality assessment, land appropriateness, social, and environmental issues, land appraisal is an important stage.


    Even before we begin searching, we have a clear idea of what we want. As a result, we discover the safest and legal ways to purchase and upgrade land and/or assets. We have strong relationships in the investment banking and brokerage industries, allowing us to support our acquisition criteria and make smart investments.


    Technology, we feel, has a significant role to play in real estate and land development initiatives. We use Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) technology to present the asset to regulatory authorities and investors, from our site plan to architectural blueprints and designs. The AVR models enable us to see an asset’s major features and intricate details while adhering to local, state, and federal regulators’ permitting criteria.


    Our goal is to turn an empty or barren piece of land into a profitable investment for our investors. From site selection through early design and final construction, we handle all aspects of land development. As developers, we believe that focusing on quality design, timely approvals, and strong follow-through, as well as predicting and planning for unforeseen challenges using risk assessment, will raise the value of our projects.


    Managing and directing all design, entitlement, and construction processes is an important component of providing the best possible service to our investors and developers. To provide you with a hassle-free experience, we route all communications between the owner, contractors, engineers, and design team. Furthermore, we are committed to providing timely solutions to reduce delays and cost overruns.

Our Little Story

Something About Us

AQU Capital is a venture capital property investment organization that aims to generate value to investors through a variety of real estate and infrastructure projects.


AQU Capital is a multi-faceted development firm that specializes in finding the perfect blend of great location and skillful workforce. The company has gone above and beyond by presenting a phenomenal amenity package that turns its communities into masterpieces.


We invest in strategic and high-yield Real Estate Projects.

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We are a team of like-minded individuals who have a deep passion and understanding of real estate investing for several years before coming together as AQU Capital.

Srinivasa GogineniPresident, AQU Capital

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  • Our Mission is to seek the best investment opportunities across a diversified portfolio of real estate projects for our investors with integrity and agility.”

    Sridhar Patibandla
    Vice President, AQU Capital