Ram Bobba

Chief Operating Officer


Ram Bobba, is a Serial Entrepreneur with investments in Technology, Real Estate, and Health Care in USA and India. He established a Technology portfolio with about 200-million-dollar Turnover and around 1000 employees spread globally. He lives in Dallas, TX, and has invested in real estate markets in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. He has also invested in Indian cities, such as Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Bangalore. He holds a record of building up several companies from the ground up in addition to a lot of acquisitions in Technology and Product based services. Ram has reinvented himself by identifying a sense of urgency in the Health Care Sector and starting a chain of ER Centers in Dallas, TX, and also investing in health care services in India. His unique thinking marks a key reason for his massive success in the Technology, Real estate, and Healthcare industries, making him stand out from the regular crowd. A self-made individual who is passionate and always loves what he does and a living example for honesty and straightforwardness. Ram is involved in leadership development and social responsibility. His business acumen, management skills, and networking skills made him one of the successful entrepreneurs. He is a family person with a lot of passion for cricket.