Sridhar Patibandla (“Sri”)

Vice President


Sridhar Patibandla is a successful entrepreneur who owns and operates several Technology and real-estate businesses. He along with his partner grew his IT company from 0 to $100 Million Dollar turnover in 10 years. His IT business has 4 successful revenue streams as Staffing, System Integration, Managed Services, and Products. His company has over 700 employees globally, provides Software Services to small to enterprise customers in over 14 countries in the regions of NA, APAC, LATAM, and MENA. He lives and leads by a simple idea: invest back in the business to make the company grow big. It is his strategy of investing in the right vision, and the team that has given new heights to several of his initiatives both in the real-estate and IT business. He has built a decent portfolio into real-estate investments. From Single Family Homes in Houston Heights to a 75 Unit Multi-Family in Sealy, Sri made sure that the projects are finished on time with a cost-effective budget.

Sri really wants you to have a wonderful time while investing in real-estate and to succeed in the end. He repeatedly informs his clients that he wants to empower them by teaching them how to become market experts. Sri is a real-estate expert who knows everything there is to know about the business.