Suresh Katamreddy

Chief Technology Officer


Suresh Katamreddy, one of the founding members and partners in Kastech Software Solutions Group, Houston, Texas comes with extensive experience in the areas of customer relations, streamlining business processes combined with the best technology practices. As a technology leader, he strives for excellence and quality in every initiative and project that he undertakes. As the Chief Technology Officer, Suresh is responsible for overseeing the operations and strategic planning. He brings to the table over a decade-long experience as an entrepreneur in IT and real estate. With Sridhar Patibandla, Suresh has invested in several real estate ventures and land development projects. He spends most of his time ensuring that our strategy and business plan are being executed at the asset/property level. Suresh brings with him the right amalgamation of strategy, leadership, and operations experience, which aspires him to take strategic and operational performance to greater heights and meet the ROI goals.

Suresh holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas San- Antonio (UTSA). In his free time, Suresh loves to travel. He has a keen interest in sports and plays Tennis and Cricket frequently.